ADVENTURE FOUND ME.                                                       *autoplay warning!
                                                      written by vera.


                                                 ADVENTURE FOUND ME.
 *autoplay warning!

                                                      written by vera.

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      ’ take a seat.
             i’ll be with ya’ in a second. ‘

            ’ ——-no rush at all, doctor. ‘

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« je t'aime, vera. (◠ω◠✿) » — delacourre

no, i love you, teacup. <3

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           she smelled the other long before seeing her —- and the aroma of vampire is far from easily mistaken. of course, the briefest ( & and soon gone ) moment of surprise comes when her gaze must fall to catch sight of the doll-like creature.

                                 ’ your hair is nearly as big as you are, you know. ‘

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online, but also on lara croft.

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long distance panera date with mem? yes, i think so.

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« "People will talk." » — terriiify

           thighs on either side of his own, her ease in straddling the pumpkin king speaks waves to her lack of care for formality and proper etiquette; she is a thing of instinct and selfish desires. nothing else; and in true company, she does not pretend to be as such, either.

                                ’ so let them talk. are you afraid of a little gossip? ‘

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           & here she cannot help but grin, entirely amused and humming with ( surprisingly pleasant ) content energy. but, perhaps that is because she is far more entertained than threatened, or offended.

                           ’ you’ve certainly got some attitude. i happen to like it. ‘

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