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          “Idon’t normally get visitors down here.” 

not exactly a normal visitor.

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meme; things I like to know about rp partners
I came up with this based on things I love to know about my roleplay partners! ;; Feel free to reblog and fill in your own answers-- or don't. Shh. Love me. 

               FILL IN: 

I like to be called: vera.
My favorite color is: purplish blues???
Gender: female.
One thing you should know about me: i like to sleep a lot.
One thing you should know about my muse: looks cute & sweet but is really creepy and dying to gnaw your face off.
First language: english.


Age range: under 13 | 14-17 | 18-22 | 23-25 | 26-29 | 30+
Am I okay with NSFW?: Yes | No | Sometimes 
I have: one | more than one muse(s)
My favorite/most common thing to RP is: angst | fluff | smut* | crack
OC friendly?: Yes | No | Depends
RP blog: does | doesn’t contain OOC posts 

* not common but applicable.

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to be fair, how i choose to live out
                                      my existence is my choice.
                        —————————— & mine alone.

it is; but you were given something amazing,
and you’re not living up to your true potential.❞

learnedskill;  ⋨ verse: undetermined;  we r disappointed in u carlisle;  

i definitely did not make another oc and you definitely cannot find her here.

i'm trash.;  ⋨ outofcharacter;  tOO MANY IDEAS.;  
orchestratiions: (] ' you never really explained why you look like mystique, you know. ' [)

can look like anyone. it just so happens
on of the few forms i’ve taken for myself is
also one she has taken. not entirely unusual,
as there are always individuals in the world
who resemble one another, whether they are
born in the same timeframe, or not. i merely
have that face more often.

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